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Gas Shipper Operation Lead

Date: 12-Jan-2022

Location: Thailand - Bangkok, Thailand

Company: Gulf Group

Job Position

Gas Shipper Operation Lead

Job Responsibilities

  • Manage overall gas supply strategy, planning and operation for The company’s Shipper (IPP, SPP & industrial users) and other Gas Shippers who have service agreement with Gulf.
  • Prepare and build Gas Shipper operation team to support overall Shipper operation business for Gulf to cover demand-side management include but not limit to
    • Gas Supply Contract Management throughout value chain from LNG supply management (LNG SPA) - handled by LNG procurement & Trade team, LNG Terminal TUA, PTT TSO PCC, Gas users’ GSAs, Inter-Shipper Agreement & Shipper Agreements.
    • Gas Supply planning and coordination included supply planning and coordination with LNG supplier, Power Plants , EGAT, PTT TSO, LNG Terminal operators and other Gas Shippers.
    • Dispatch Operation team for monthly, weekly and daily operation.
  • Operation portfolio optimization and risk management via
    • Inter-Shipper Agreement Contract negotiation, execution and management with operator and others shippers at LNG Terminal and Pipeline for borrow-lend-buy LNG, Gas & capacity of LNG terminal and gas pipeline.
    • Shipper Agreement contract negotiation, execution and management.

Long Description

  • Networking, negotiation and discuss with other Gas Shippers for company portfolio operation and optimization.
  • Prepare and manage all Shipper procedures related operation, communication and coordination among shippers.
  • Internal coordination and management with LNG supply team for LNG procurement portfolio optimization, ADP planning, UQT/DQT/Spot planning etc.
  • Providing related operation constraints and support for LNG supply tendering and negotiation to LNG supply team.
  • Be able to identify risk, impact / consequence and prepare related mitigations to minimize Shipper operation risk.
  • Executing wholesale natural gas transactions through interaction and negotiation with other market participants.
  • Continuously monitoring the natural gas market to maintain a working knowledge of price, availability and demand, pipeline operational information and actively pursuing economic opportunities.
  • Follow up and understand all related rule and regulation such as TPA framework, TPA code, TSO code, TUA / PCC contract and related ERC announcement.
  • Coordinate internal and external parties to manage Shipper risk.
  • Independently handling scheduling functions, accurately and timely scheduling receipt and delivery of natural gas throughout the day.
  • Ensuring natural gas scheduled and transportation utilization meets contractual and reliability requirement.
  • Involving industry experts, suppliers and maintaining strong internal and external relationships.

Job Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or related fields.
  • Graduation from high-ranking university in USA & UK is a big plus.
  • Minimum 10 years’ experience in Gas Business, of which 5 years in Gas Shipper.
  • Inter-personal relationship skills, ability to communicate with people of different cultures and backgrounds.
  • Organizational and time-management skills.
  • Negotiation and presentation skills.
  • Fluent in English both written and verbal (Minimum 750 TOEIC score).
  • Ability to travel/work upcountry and abroad.
  • Goal – Oriented, Unity, Learning, Flexible.