Officer - Senior / Commercial and Marketing (Solar Business)


Thailand - Bangkok, Thailand

Company:  Gulf Group

Job Position

Officer - Senior / Commercial and Marketing (Solar Business)

Job Responsibilities

  • Evaluate the needs of the solar consumer market as they relate to a given product or set of products.
  • Acquire knowledge about consumer demands and trends that are relevant to the marketing of solar energy goods and services.
  • Efficiently gather data and utilize the information to create marketing campaigns to design advertising for solar energy markets as well as promotional plans with a general appeal.
  • Develop branding or sales initiatives for solar energy products.
  • Conduct research on consumer opinions and marketing strategies related to solar energy technologies.
  • Develop communications materials, advertisements, presentations or public relations initiatives.
  • Conduct the financial model and preliminary feasibility analysis on current project development.
  • Prepare business plan and investment analysis for internal investment decisions.
  • Develop, negotiate with external parties on related project documents and agreement to execute the project.

Job Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in sales or marketing
  • Work experience as a solar sales consultant (Business Process Understanding) 
  • Professional appearance and a friendly disposition
  • Ability to work irregular hours.
  • Sales Management and Finance skill
  • Good command in English (Minimum 500 TOEIC score).
  • Knowledge of sales and Office software